Glass Bottle Recycling Cutting a wine bottle perfectly.
Frame MADE IN THE USA - cutting wheel, GERMAN engineered.

Buy this cutter $37.50 BRAND NEW! MADE IN USA
USA $37.50 + $7.00 shipping

CANADA $37.50 + $16 shipping

WORLDWIDE $37.50 + $18 shipping

This cutter works for all regular opening bottles.
SHIPS out within 24 hours of order.

Cures in regular sunlight, NO SPECIAL LAMP NEEDED!!!
For glass-to-glass and glass-to-mirror applications we prefer BOND Ultra-Violet Glass Glue. It has a light color, low
odor, and low water absorption, works like a charm in minutes and is absolutely permanent. BOND UV Glass Glue is
available in 1/4 oz. bottles since a little goes a long way. 1/4 oz. will cover approximately 160" sq (will seal 300 wine bottles)
Glue in a re-closable plastic bottle with applicator brush.

1/4 oz. bottle --- USA $12 + $2.00 shipping

1/4 oz. bottle --- CANADA $12 + $6.00 shipping

1/4 oz. bottle --- WORLDWIDE $12 + $11.00 shipping